The Muse and Mnemosyne Picture

It's actually kind of ironic that I drew them together since Mnemosyne(in mythology) was the mother of the muses. The characters aren't the same as the deities though, they just have the same names. These two characters don't even know each other.
The Muse is a Sitha, from Tad Williams' novels. I created the character though, except for the large part of the character design which Mime did for me. The Sitha are copyrighted to Tad Williams. READ HIS BOOKSSSS!!!!!!
Mnemosyne is copyrighted to The Muse is copyrighted to me.
OH YES! The Muse is also an assasin. UMMM. I drew this in the summer so it's older than most of the drawings I've uploaded recently. I'm still quite proud of it. The prisma leads weren't used on this one because I didn't have them then....
Can you see the faerie humping the tree? That was accidental...but it -does- look like that.
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