Daddy's Girl 80 Picture

Now things get really awkward...

One reason I was stuck for so long with this comic was because of this memory sequence (one other reason was that Prometheus's lines were tricky). Sometimes I even considered to skip it, but it was too important for the plot and I didn't come up with any other idea that could replace it.

It obviously is one of Metis's memories and for the longest time I just couldn't decide exactly what Athena should see (other than it should be something that makes her upset). I also didn't want to show that much of what Metis looked like, but it's really hard to draw things from one person's angle all the time and still be able to show everything that happens (that's why the kiss is from a different angle).

Those magic signs are from the Cretan Linear A, by the way. A currently undeciphered writing system.
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