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Juri Engel
Scarlet Moon

Name: Uriel Engel
Other names: Juri (pronounce Yuri)
Title: The Archangel
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Orientation: Asexual

Fav color: Navy blue, Grape Green
Fav food: Grapes
Likes: Astrology and space geek, secrets
Dislikes: Demons, vague informations

Height: 180 cm
Eye color: Deep Blue
Hair color: Brown
Skin color: European/Slightly tan
Piercings: Small studs, with built in communicators
Scars: Few
Other: A single stripe of his hair is always curled (he used to curl it with fingers when deep in thought)

City: Eden
Team: Gehenna
Profession: Leader of Gehenna, Informant, Military Counciler

Drive: Materia Infinitum - Creating orbs of different colors and size, then manipulating their floating directions by simple hand movements. Juri loves space so he creates and names the orbs after planets and stars. The orbs can be solid or explode like bombs. He usually creates 3 medium orbs at a time. He is capable of summoning infinite amount of orbs but at a great cost.
Type: Parasite/Forbidden
Negatives: The orbs are actually a mix of chi and Juri's soul. Each time an orb explodes, Juri gets damaged by losing a bit of his lifespan, depending on the orbs size. The bigger the orb or the amount of orbs, he can lose few years of his lifespan. However the lifespan gets restored when he calls the orbs back.

Second Drive: Hyperion - Juri can hypnotize someone and alter their memories or blocking and blurring the details of it by voice commands. He can also peek in someones memories, seeing the things with the hipnotized persons eyes. However he can only observe in that state.
Type: Manipulation/Forbidden
Negatives: He can't know nor see more than the person does. Using it gives him great headaches and sometimes he overtakes the persons quirks/habits for few hours. Also he's a great purist of truth, so he doesn't like to alter memories too much as just block few facts.

Weapon: Materia Infinitum as occasional weapon.
Fighting style: Solar Conductor

Stamina: Good
Health: Stable but slowly reaching the red area limit
Fears: To die before solving the ultimate riddle (which for him is to know Tibb's face, since he never saw him without the mask even once)
Other: He's a kind person if not too strict sometimes. A formalist with his own rules to follow. If he sees potential in someone that works out, he'll abuse some of his rights to give them a chance and a good start.

Fashion style: Military Star
Casual clothes: Formal - Military coat, pants and hat in standard dirty green or bronze color, boots, white shirt, tie, gloves.
Other: Shirts, jeans, dog tags

Blood Relatives: None alive
Non-Blood Relatives: Sees one of his councilers as a father/uncle.
Best friends: Gehenna Teammates, Stan from the Observatorium
Idol: Gabriel
Love interests: None

Hobbies: Basic hypnosis, research, reading about space, spending some time at BBB

Good habits: Helpful
Bad habits: Nosy and reserved, stubborn, not always friendly. Has one major weakness, grapes. Greedy for knowledge.

Goals: To know more than Tibbs does.

Teasures: A pocket watch and the hat as memento from father. An old quill pen from mother.

- Dying peacefully after Edens siege plot (canon) *sobs cuz it's very touching*


"Only the deities know..."
"Some of the mysteries should stay mysterious. Even me won't dig in it..."
"Hello Adam, how are you today? Nice to see you in good form, train regularly and eat well to keep in shape, alright?"
"I actually always dreamed to go to the space... I always believed it to come true after the war is over. To give up my position, board a shuttle. To chase the stars. Thinking that makes me calm. It motivates me to win. This is why it's beautiful to have dreams, don't you think?"
"Dr. Cooper these are... just brilliant! Lord what mastery! It feels bad to eat them" (after Cooper gives him a lolipops that look like a planets, dat geek)
"Someone quickly inform Hate to come back ASAP, Gehenna will have one great comeback, let's hope not the last" (before Eden siege)


- only Juri and few higher ups know that Adam is half demon
- current members of team Gehenna are just Juri and Yuuto. Rick and Hate retired, Vasquez is suspended due to sickness, Adam was moved to Babylon
- sees Tibbs as hir rival
- Cooper made for Juri a set of delicious lolipops that look like planets
- I choosed the name "Hyperion" because of small research on the Hyperion from greek mythology, 'God of Watchfulness, Wisdom and Light', "Of Hyperion we are told that he was the first to understand, by diligent attention and observation" - Diodorus Siculus (5.67.1), then also the pun to word "hypnosis" (Hyperion = Hypnosis).
- Juri likes grapes very much. It's said it's very easy to use it as a bait. But well, no one knows yet. ...For sure?
- Juri or Uriel was always a very formal and military strict OC of mine
- the name "Juri" was meant to be a pun to name "Uriel", when you read it in german you pronounce it "Yuri" same as "Uri" as beginning and the first and last letter of his last name EngeL as the "el" ending. "Uri-el"
- Juri saved Adam but then blocked few of Adams memories to later put him back in the military force.
- he always loved to read about space and to research them, but followed fathers will to become a "guardian angel" of Eden. But he believed after the war is over and he's still alive, he'd take the chance to follow his dreams
- he often sneaked to the Edens Observatorium and spend time with "uncle" Stan (and play board games)
- since Juri has German origins I choosed a German styled outfit for him (actually the SS captain ones... WHAT, the uniforms are so stylish)


- Mark Petrie - Reach for the Stars (main theme)
- West One Music - Distant Dreams - (Last wish, Juri's death theme)
- Homestuck OST - Frost (Space, bonus theme)
- DDR - Votum Stellarum - (bonus theme)
- Newgrounds - Supernova - (bonus theme)
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