The First and Her Daemon Picture

So the title is a nod to the fact that Rose was the first companion of the series when it was rebooted in 2005.

Blurb about Rose Tyler and her Yellow-Fronted Finch daemon, Hyperion:

She watched him as he tried to soften the concrete around the bars with his sonic screwdriver. She doubted it would work and knew he doubted as well, but she also knew he didn't think Jack was coming back for them. She sighed softly, making certain neither he nor Kairos heard and reached up to gently touch Hyperion.

His little body was quivering with fear. "It's gonna be okay, Hyp," she said softly, fingers smoothing lightly over his fluffed up feathers.

"You don't know that," he all but squawked as his little claws dug into her jacket. "He's left us here to die! The Doctor's right! He isn't coming back!"

"Hush up," Rose said firmly, lifting him from his perch so she could hold him. "Jack will come back. Everything will be alright."

"Your Mum's right she is," Hyperion twittered as he turned in her hands and looked over at the Doctor and Kairos. "Mad you are. Bleeding mad."

Hyperion was one of the 12 Titans in Greek Mythology.

Other Doctor Who / Torchwood Daemons:
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