Hyperion- cover art Picture

Hyperion- Ink version
all ink line art
cover art
copyright Marvel Comics

Here's a cover drawing I did of Hyperion for Marvel.
The thing I liked most about being offered this cover was that it was a single character cover. Hyperion, I thought was a weird choice to offer me though since he's not really a dark character, instead more of a Superman-type look. I put him in a night setting that would at least make him shadowy and keep it interesting for me.

I wanted the background to be reflective of Hyperion's name, which is taken from Greek mythology where he was the God of light. I put a big Dark Sun behind him and some other Greek imagery including lettering in the night sky. The Greek lettering translates to "the light was beginning to fall" which I felt was reflective of the storyline. I think most of the sort of hidden imagery flew over Marvel's head... & I got the feeling they thought I made Hyperion "too dark"

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