Zeita and Raptor Leader Sketch Picture

Here's a sketch (Colored version soon) of two of my OC.

Zeita, The Great Queen Juggernaut and Empress of Eu'rybiak (Reference to Eurybia, Sea Goddess of Greek mythology). I've made improved and more armored chest for something badass look from a young girl (Similar to X-23 instead of clone) into mystic empress. The small sketch was her wearing a helmet similar to Juggernaut.

Raptor Leader, The Ultimate Apex Predator and Lord of the Indomitable Hunt. Last year, he was from dinosaur becoming an weapon after the alien injected him with parasite to him as the warrior of the gods like Olympus or Asgard. He is now return as terrifying force of nature and new species risen. Small sketch shown him having spikes similar to Doomsday.

Zeita & Raptor Leader ©
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