Impulse: Child Picture

I'm not sure if the sword should be called Epimetheus or Genesis.

I've been trying to design a different kind of buster sword for Child for a while now. In the end it's not all that different.

However, it has a reddish sharp edge which she can transfer fire through. That orb mounted in it is called the Heart of Prometheus.

Now, I donno if too many people are up on Greek Mythology, so I'll do some explaining.

Prometheus is a god(Titan) who stole fire and gave it to man. For this he was punished. He could not die, so he was bound to a stone and had an eagle devour his liver. It would grow back, and every day the eagle would eat it again.
He gave man fire and thus started the civilizing of mankind.

That's all I will say for now I think.

oh! And Epimetheus is his brother's name. He's kind of a trickster though, so perhaps Genesis is a better name?
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