Pandora's Pithos Picture

When the Titan Prometheus had stolen fire from the gods and given it to man, Zeus chained him to a rock where he was tormented by vultures. Zeus also needed to think of a way to punish man for accepting and using Prometheus' gift of fire.

Zeus, with the help of other gods and goddesses, created the most beautiful woman. She was given the gifts of beauty, a talent for music, the power of persuasion and other gifts. Zeus' gift to her was curiosity. He also gave her a sealed jar and told her never to open it.

Zeus gave the woman, Pandora, to Epimetheus (Prometheus' brother) as a present. Epimetheus was charmed by Pandora, but Prometheus warned his brother that Zeus was full of tricks and not to be trusted.

Epimetheus ignored his brother's advice and married Pandora. They lived happily together, but Pandora was always troubled by the jar Zeus had given her. She constantly wondered what was inside, convinced it was filled with something very precious.

At last, her curiosity won out and she ignored Zeus' warning. She tugged the lid of the jar until it opened. Out flew a cloud of evils: disease, envy, spite, revenge, anxiety, misfortune all swarmed around her. She shouted at them while she struggled to put the lid back on the jar. But all the evils had flown out of the house and into the world to plague mankind.

Fortunately, Pandora was able to refit the lid on the jar sealing inside it: hope. For no matter how many evils people must contend with, hope gives them the ability to endure.

The first illustration in my Greek myths collection. Pandora is very well known and one of my favorite myths.

Time: 12 hours

Tools: Copic Markers, Copic Multiliner, Airbrush, White Paint, Gold Pen

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