Nyx-Deva Picture

Nyx, never sticked out in a crowd. With his average features, brown hair, brown eyes, 5''8' he was just average. He wanted to be noticed. Nyx went to Dominion, a little more expensive but with a better reputation. He wanted to change his appearance to be more noticable, to be less drab. He said "surprise me". They sure as hell did.

When Nyx woke up, he was much more sleek, had odd deep blye bubbles sticking out of his body and his armor was dark blues, greys and blacks. Nyx wasn't angry, for he could now be noticed, and he even had the power to take notice of others. His new partners are Eos and Caeser.

Aether- This staff like weapon can create concussive waves of darkness or just conceal locations, objects, or people in darkness

Helmet- Nyx's helmet allows him to see anything hidden in shadows, in fact to him darkness is absolutly nothing now.
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