Anemoi Picture

For a word-association art game, the word being "wind".

Dis versions of the Anemoi, or Venti to the Romans--the gods of the four winds and cardinal directions.
Zephryos is the gentle god of the West wind, closely associated with the soft breezes of spring.
Boreas is the feisty god of the North wind, closely associated with the sharp stings of winter.
Notos is the rambunctious god of the South wind, closely associated with the storms of late summer and early autumn.
Euros is...the other one. God of the East wind. He's angsty.
These fine fellas are the quadruplet sons of Astraios, Titan god of the sky, and Eos, Titan goddess of dawn. Another fun fact...they all shape-shift into horses. Yes...they have equine fursonas. I hope you're as amused as I.

...Would'a taken more than a half-second rippin' this to paper, but I'm itchin' to get back to other stuff. So there.
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(c) J. E. Seames 2007
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