Eos, the Dawnseeker Picture

Name: Eos "The Dawnseeker"
Abilities: Relies more on intelligence and psycic prowess, though not too shabby in the fighting department. When actually fighting relies on speed and accuracy as opposed to strength or force.
--Has an affinity for fire(pyrokinetik/pyrokenisis), persuasion, and projecting images/sounds into others' minds
Secret Identity: Mild-mannered University professor of Classical Greek/Roman culture and mythology. Professer Jenna Lynd

On Pyrokenisis/pyrokinetics: She was always facinated with fire when she was a kid, and for some reason 'connected' with it as some might connect with a person. In the end it's just another type of energy which she can manipulate
On Mental skills: Slight empathy and telepathy, if in a dire situation general telekenisis--hardest for her to do outside the realm of fire, and lastly and cheifly persuasion and projection. She can 'project' multiple images of herself in someone's mind, though the more images the weaker they are, and the same with more people. She basicaly has the ability to mess with perception, which means she could walk right in front of you without you seeing her. Your eyes see her, but she can make it so that the brain doesn't aknowledge her. She can also make people 'hear' things as well. x3

If I had that ability I'd just mess with people XD I would walk around behind people in the library, make it so that they do not aknowledge seeing the real me, and then cast images of myself here and there and if they don't notice, eventually have more than one image there.

I'm a terrible person
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