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And here's the filly!

Her tentative name is MS Orion's Flame, with the barn name Dawn. I'm still mulling it over a bit, trying to come up with a good way to connect her parents' names. For background, Alnilam is a star in the constellation of Orion. The mythological Orion was, among other legends, a lover of the goddess of the dawn Eos. So... it's a bit of a stretch to connect the names, but it might stick.

This little girl is going to be really tiny! Born prematurely and frail, she caused a bit of worry to the stable hands at Morgenstern. But don't worry, the girls will be pampering her plenty. She definitely not going to be the smallest horse at the stables, despite being extremely tiny and delicate for her breed, so she'll do work with riders once she's all grown up. However, she definitely won't ever be a star at weight pulling.

A bit of her information, to last until I get her reference up:

MS Orion's Flame
- Barn Name: Dawn
- Gender: Filly
- Breed: Norwegian Warhorse (Liten)
- Age: 6 months
- Projected Height: 14.3 hh
- Color: Amber Champagne w/ pangare, brindling, and birdcatcher spots
- Color Traits: Ee AA nCh nPan
- Eye color: Hazel
- Bloodlines: SS Alnilam x SOS Flamman
- Personality: An absolute little princess, Dawn is delicate and easily becomes nervous. She's rather vocal, has a definite sweet tooth, and can be quite stubborn. She tends to keep to herself rather than getting caught up with the other mares. Strongly prefers working in a quiet area with few horses and people around, though once she's comfortable she's usually quick to learn. However, she does get frustrated quite easily, and it takes patience and a calm handler to get her going in the right direction again.

Pose reference by slime-stock
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