Anemoi Boys Picture

The Great V'Day Sketch Catch Extravaganzapalooza 2009...#19! For Kimmie!

Kim asked for a sketch of the Anemoi...the Greek gods of the four winds.
Zephyros is the groovy god of the West wind, associated with Spring.
Boreas is the feisty god of the North wind, associated with Winter.
Notos is the tempermental god of the East wind, associated with Summer.
Euros is the rambunctious god of the South wind, associated with Autumn.
They're quadruplets, sons of Astraios, Titan god of the sky, and Eos, Titan goddess of dawn. Also, they transform into horses.

From my comic of mythological mischief, Dis: Life is Hell
(c) J. E. Seames 2009
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