SSMU Princess Eos of Earth Picture

This is an OC Sailor Senshi for a fanfiction that was a WIP for over ten years. I have finally decided to write it and create a art conception for what the OC looks like.

This is Sailor Terra's Princess form from the Silver Milenium. Like her sailor uniform it has peridot green base dress and shades of blue upon the sash. The straps and gloves are white symbolizing purity and the gold sybolises her duty to protect the Golden Crystal of Earth. The symbol on her forehead is the actual symbol of Earth -- looked it up in Greek Mythology. Eos is the biological younger sister of Prince Endymion and considers Princess Serenity her future sister in law, despite the poltical tensions and envy her people feel toward the Lunars.

Eos in Greek mythology was the Goddess of the Dawn who fell in love with a human. However, when she asked the Gods to make him immortal. The Gods agreed but because she asked for immortality instead of eternal youth, he aged horribly. Eos, in heartbreak of what she had done to her love, turned him into an ageless grasshopper to save him and to keep him with her forever.

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I DO NOT own Sailor Moon. All I own is Princess Eos/ Sailor Terra.

I hope you guys like this.
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