Dionysus/Bacchus Cleanish Ref Sheet Picture

Had a dream the other night that featured Bacchus and decided to draw him out because God knows I could use the practice and plus Greek/Roman mythology is still one of my favorite things.

Dionysus/Bacchus is the God of wine, grapes, and ecstasy. In other words, he's the patron deity of drunken orgies.

My version is a pretty decent fellow for the most part, usually the life of his own parties, rarely seen sitting down let alone on his throne. He can be easily pleased (best way to get on his good side is to compliment his parties and/or the choice of wine) yet he is just as easily insulted (best way to get on his bad side is to act too belligerent/drunk or to complain about the wine/women/men at his shindigs). In either case, he is generous in his rewards and punishments. He's sympathetic towards wallflowers and despises party poopers. Party crashers can be on either list, it depends on how they act after they crash.

Left to Right:

Nakey Bacchus - Pretty self-explanatory.

Bacchus - As he appeared in the golden days of the Greek/Roman gods way back when. Technically there are two versions of Bacchus, one as bearded mature man the other as an androgynous young adult. I went with the former because seriously I'm getting tired of thin white guys. That and come on you expect the god of partying to have anything less than a keg? He's described as always having his thyrsus (pine cone topped staff) and a fox skin, so I decided to go for more of a shawl thing with the fox skin than a belt or hat or whatever.

Dion Bach - Modern day Bacchus, owner/operator of The Bacchanal, an underground night club that shows up in different cities every night. Young and old alike are welcome, and those who attend will find themselves in their own beds (or their one night stand's) in the morning, thinking it all to be a dream. Has mellowed out somewhat throughout the centuries, mostly because he misses the good old days and his followers, as well as his various wives and lovers.

And by lovers I mean men.

As in this Bacchus is bisexual.


Dionysus/Bacchus (this version anyway) (c) Me!
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