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Aphrodite in Greek mythology of the goddess of the beauty, flowers, love and desires.
Embodying the feminine beauty
Hesiod wrote in Teogony, that when genitals cut away with the sickle Uranus (defeated by Cronus) they fell into the sea, water surrounded them with white foam. Beauties Aphrodite emerged of sea foam.

For her the birth could not be accidental, because on the edge they waited already for her: Charm, Smiles and Funs - cheerful and nice deities – Charites, which from now on have always accompanied it and served.

According to Homer she was a daughter Zeus and Dione. For her a chariot harnessed into doves was an attribute.

According to one of myths, Aphrodite was born looming surf into view at coasts of Cyprus, near Paphos, from here also different its Cypryda epithet (Kipryda). Therefore with main place of worship Aphrodite was Cyprus, and for her nicknames are Afrogeneja (given rise to of sea foam) and Anadyomene (surfacing from sea waves). For the goddess a rose was one of attributes.

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