Titanes: Coeus Picture

My ninth image for my Greek Mythology Challenge Chapter i.

Titan God of Intelligence / Deep Searching Questions

[Alternative Names] Koios, Polus, Polos
[Name Translations] Query, Axis of Heaven, Pole
[Class] Titan, God
[Parents] Uranus and Gaia
[Offspring] Leto, Asteria

[More Information]

The Titan god of the intellect as his name would suggest. He was also known as Polus (the pole) and probably presided over the axis of heaven in the north around which the constellations revolve. Coeus was one of the four Titan-brothers who conspired with Cronus in the ambush and castration of Uranus. At the end of the Titan-War, he was confined by Zeus in the Tartarean pit. Coeus was sometimes described as leader of the Gigantes, who rebelled against Zeus.

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