Spore creature - Kronosaurus PNG Picture

Another large pliosaur, Kronosaurus lived during the Early to Middle Cretaceous. Its remains have been found in Australia and Columbia.
Current estimates put its maximum length at about 9-10 metres. The teeth of Kronosaurus were all more than 7 cm long, and the longest of which reached a whopping 30 cm.

Like other pliosaurs, it was likely an ambush predator that attacked its prey from below, and it would've tracked its prey mostly by smell.

It is named after Cronus, the leader of the Titans in Greek mythology.

I based the colouration of this animal on modern whales, such as the sperm whale. I also made it look a bit more "blubbery" than Liopleurodon. Australia during the Early Cretaceous was closer to the Antarctic Circle than it is today, and so its climate may have been colder. Kronosaurus would need more fat reserves to withstand the cold than Liopleurodon, a tropical animal.

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