I regret nothing
at least I think I regret nothing

oh god what the fuck am I smoking

Go ahead
make your choice
I'm a very busy Titan and
I haven't got all day
it won't cost much
just your voice

Also I can't decide if he fell for the beautiful Princess Theresa or the handsome Prince Neil or the bewitching Sea God Cronus, so I'm gonna let it be drinker's choice.

This is what happens when I listen to the TLM OST while waiting for Class of the Titans to come on. I don't care if you've seen this show or not, everybody deserves to be able to hear in their mind David Kaye singing Poor Unfortunate Souls. It's just too good.

Pfft Cronus looks awful
And also a little bit like my KARR humanization if you look at him right
Drawing men sucks ass
Sorry for the shaky lines btw but my tablet is misbehaving atm. That's why I'm drawing this and not productive things.
I may finish this later
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