Cronus Ref Picture

Ref for my new Character, Cronus!
Please ignoir the Casters of Society things, I won't upload him on the Group. He will be a new legend of a tiger character.

Name: Cronus.
Gender: Male.
Age: 12 Human years.

Cronus is a young sabbertooth Tiger, and a good friend of Drake. Cronus has the power to control the time, so he could make his enemies lower, and attack them then. His Weapon is a scythe, and he's got a watch necklace, to power up the time.

After he got kidnapped, like Drake, Auphelia, Jack, Frostfire, and some other Characters, he helped Drake to escape from the prison. After they tried to help Drake's Mother, Auphelia, they got attacked by some Gladiators. Cronus changed the time, and they escaped.


And yeah, Auphelia is Drake's mother.
Cronus is the name of a titan in the greek mythology.
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