SMA Sailor Boy Contest: Saturn Picture

This is my entry for SMA's (Sailor Moon Abridged) competition: [link]
And I wanted an excuse for drawing a Sailor Boy!

He's 19 years old.
His Earth name is Claudio (Shakespeare ftw)
He's 5'9"

Explanations and symbolism:
In Greek Mythology, Cronus is the equal of the Roman God Saturn. (for which the planet is named after) Hence the names.
Cronus was a harvest deity, overseeing crops such as grains, nature and agriculture.
Hence my Sailor Boy is able to control plant life to his advantage, as well as woodland creatures - and domestic animals to an extent.
The razor sharp rings (for throwing) are obviously a connection to Saturn's rings.
In Roman culture, Cronus was said to be able to "control human time", for example calendars, seasons, and harvests. Thus, my Sailor Boy can control the atmosphere within close proximity (changing seasons) and alter the time of certain living things (makes them age, or slow down etc)
His outfit is green/blue to represent nature.
Lastly, the Scythe.
In greek mythology, Cronus was seen to be a cruel deity. So for Cronus the scythe represents death and despair (grim reaper tales. Think the real Sailor Saturn's scythe also).
Yet, a scythe is traditionally used in farming! See the connection of nature?
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