Massive dump of Phil Fail Picture

"Philonecron, a half-god, half-demon, is a denizen of the Underworld and an evil genius -- or so he'll tell you. He has a lust for power and a plan. An evil plan. Enjoys the finer things, like good music, fine clothes, and condemning humanity to an eternity of torture." [link]

Yes, this is Philonecron from the Cronus Chronicles trilogy by Anne Ursu. THESE BOOKS ARE PURE GENIUS READ THEM TO UNDERSTAND ALL THE FAN ART I'M GOING TO UPLOAD SOON.
On a side note, THIS DUMP IS ALMOST PURE FAIL. For some reason I can never draw characters I obsess over right... It always takes me forever to get the design right.

Philonecron belongs to Anne Ursu.
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