::Cronus:: Solitude Picture

I apologize if you've gotten multiple devwatch messages for this. DA has been screwing around with me when I tried to upload it :/

Anyways... this is a little doodle I did a while back of my character Cronus. I finally decided to get it scanned and posted.

I realize there are some mistakes in here... but I did this with pen from the start, so I couldn't really fix anything
The title doesn't seem to really suit it since he's smiling and all... but... it's a sad smile? xD;

I'd have to say that out of all the cast, Cronus is definitely my favourite. He's such a cute little emo xD

Character(s): Cronus
Tools: Pen
Time taken: 30 minutes

I think it's about time to give this project a name >_>
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