Zeus Picture

Final Project 2 of 2:

This was one of my final projects in Advanced Photoshop. We basically had a choice of doing whatever we wanted for this project, so i chose to do some more channel mixing (I really enjoyed the Slick Chick project.

I've been reading the Percy Jackson books, and so my final projects were both influenced by my sudden interests in Greek mythology.

This project is very similar to the Atlas project. Again I used a picture of a statue (this time of Zeus) and gave it a life-like skin tone and hair color. I placed Zeus and a cloudy setting (the clouds are actually upside down) and masked his feet in so it looked like he was standing in the clouds. I covered up his wee-wee with a swirly cloud that I painted in. For the first time I used some custom brushes that I found online. A bunch of different lightning bolt brushes. I had to bend and shape them to move in the direction I wanted (see how its wrapping around his outstretched arm). Made his eyes glow (because before they were just dark hallow holes).
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