The myth of Phaeton Picture

(series The Plastic Mythology). Film 35 mm

Offended by friends, Phaeton, wangled the heavenly chariot of his father Helios. Couldn’t cope with the management of fiery horses, approached to the Earth he began to burn on it all alive.
The goddess of the Earth, Gaia, started to ask Zeus for help. Look, she said, the kingdom of your brother Poseidon is falling, Atlas is stiving from the heat and cannot hold the weight of the sky. Zeus threw a lightning bolt in a falling cart. The horses scattered and the chariot was burned, and Phaeton, like a flaming meteor flashed across the sky. In the ground, he was picked up by nymphs - Hesperides, who did not allow him to fall into the waters of the river Eridanus.
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