The Leader, the Good-Looking Picture

HOLY SHIT, guess who has a new fandom to add to her other roughly twenty or so? Damn right! 8D

So this show is called Class of the Titans, and it comes on at about 0400 EST, so of course I stay up all night in order to be able to watch it. Fuck yeah. It's about a group of seven teenagers decended from powerful Greek figures-- in the case of these two, Jason and Narcissus. Don't ask me how Narcissus had a decendant, because... well, frankly I'm not sure.

Whatever, it's better than it sounds. I enjoy it greatly. Besides, the main villain Cronus is totally voiced by David Kaye. There is no way to say no to that. Yessss. And, Scott McNeil cameos as Atlas, and a couple other characters but I can't remember them atm.

An alternate version of the picture can be found here on Photobucket, complete with 20% more unrealistic handcuffs.
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