Personal Coat of Pyrrhos the Red Picture

This is a newly designed personal coat for myself, Pyrrhos the Red (which is Greco-Latin for "fiery or of fiery color) and I am a center-left reformist and would be considered a Red to good Ol' McCarthy or Fox News and like such an identity, to go along with my recently created family coat of arms [link]. It filled to the brim with symbols and meanings and here they are from the top down. The Crest is an 18-19th century CE styled hand grenade which symbolizes its connection to fire as well as the potency of not just myself but of my work and personality. The Oak Wreath around said crest symbolizes my Germanic heritage. The helm and red and white are in reference to my family coat of arms. The banners flanking the helm are of an Or Pomegranate upon Argent field and a Solar Wheel, respectfully, that represent fruitfulness of labor and existentially navigating the Order of Reality. The supporters are Winged Sable Bears Rampant Gardent. They symbolize pride and love for mythological animals and well...why not? I've seen fish, unicorns, two headed eagles and winged lions as supporters why not bears? LoLz. Anyway, the shield has four quadrants and in the center a Golden Rose Cross. The Golden Rose Cross is one of a number symbols of my faith and represents how we as humanity constantly change individually and collectively throughout our lives and every day in a great number of ways. We change because of conscious alteration to our very selves and simply by being affected by certain experiences. And when we consciously change ourselves we do so in an attempt to become a more 'golden' state and thus we transmute our burdensome Lead into precious Gold and the Rose is a symbol of such sacrifice and commitment. The top left quadrant is a Fasces with two crossed Hammers. This represents how not just myself but all people come together as the result of many pasts and events and being assembled and forged into one. Much like how I assembled many different influences to forge who I am. They can also symbolize how I politically affiliate myself, I love the Republic model with the leadership of a Philosopher King of sorts while also being industrious and social democratic to be fair, socially progressive, and unified with all my comrades and fellow man (humans not men). The top right is a Sable Eagle with Or Prussian Wing Adornments. This is also a reference to my Germanic heritage as also hinted by its red beak and talons, but also to my love of noble symbols and my family itself. The bottom right quadrant is a tricolor that represents not only my favorite color scheme but also three concepts, from left to right, Pride, Purity (of action and intention), and Patriotism. It was also my Nationstates banner [link] in one time or another. The bottom left quadrant is of a Crowned Gules Salamander upon a bed of Fire. This is another connection to my love for symbolic fire and the salamander itself to be is a symbol of unity of each classical elements. It is an amphibian (earth and water) and is at times considered the spirit of fire (air and well fire). It is crowned because it is Sovereign over itself just as I favor the ideal that I am my own Sovereign over myself. The Shield itself is Modern French style mainly due to aesthetic design. The Compartment itself has no meaning other than I don't like floating animals and banners beneath the shield without any support. The Or and Argent Disk with Or Scarab of Dharma adorned with an Endless Knot is a symbol referencing my religion (which more of will be elaborated later on) and means the Order of how our Reality and it is assumed most Realities is organized and proceeds as either an endless procession and succession of events, a chain or march if you will, and the great infinite and incomprehensible Order that is my deity/panentheist force Brahmanaten. The Scarab pushes the Dharmachakra or Wheel of Dharma much how Khepri in the Ancient Egyptian Mythos pushed the Solar disk across the surface of Nun. The Endless Knot itself is a direct reference and symbol of Brahmanaten itself which is indeed infinite. The banner around the disk and symbol reads "Mit Ausdauer Kommt Weisheit" in my personally created phonetic alphabet [link] using mostly Slavic, Latin, and Scandinavian letters, which translates to "With Endurance Comes Wisdom". This is a reference to both the stories of Atlas and Prometheus, Greek Titans of Old that were of great interest in my studies and a phrase I find grows truer over time. And these are located on the foreground compartment of Or Vines and Gules Grapes, representing the fruits of ones labors as they tend to their Life. If there are any questions I would be happy to answer them!
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