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I wanted to draw something for myself. I've been doing so many pictures for others lately...

Name: She has many names. Among them are Calypso (Latin form of Greek Kalypso, meaning "she who conceals." In mythology, this is the name of a sea nymph and daughter of Atlas), Angeronia (Variant spelling of Roman Latin Angerona, meaning "to throttle, to strangle," i.e. "to silence") and Hekate (Greek Hekate, meaning "worker from far off." In mythology, this is the name of a goddess of witchcraft, demons, graves, and the underworld) the most used.
Since no one knows where she's from, no one knows her real name, or if she even has a name.
Is called: Kate, from Hekate.
Someone once decided to give her the nickname Kate, then it became something almost everyone used and after a while it led to the nickname Kate turning into the English/American pronounced name Kate. She doesn't disagree about this new name she's been given, but names are, to her, unimportant.
Gender: Female.
Age: Unknown. But she keeps the appearance of being 20-25.
Height: 172 cm.
Her right eye is white with black pupil, her left eye is black with black pupil. But she owns the ability of changing the colour of her eyes as she likes. Her skin is white, and her long hair is black. So she is a very black and white person.

No one knows where she's from, what she is or how she ended up at an isolated facility owned by the government for the simple purpose of being used as a weapon against other countries or organizations if needed. And the sad truth about the whole situation is that no one even knows how to handle her.
Kate is described as a God, or a creature as close to being a God as you can come, or a Goddess, if you will. It's also been speculations whether she could be the offspring of Gods.
Her powers are indescribable. She read minds, she knows the future, the past and the now, she control beings and things around her, she control time, doesn't need sleep, doesn't need to eat or drink and she doesn't bleed. Just the fact that she's considered to be a God, or something like a God, makes people avoid her. But the mindreading-thing itself is enough to make it almost impossible to be in her presence. As soon as you've made eye contact with her she knows your entire life-story. She knows what you're thinking, and what you're planning to say, so she practically handles all conversations by herself. If you try to speak she'll probably cut you off, explaining that it's not necessary. So she is a very lonely person. Even though she doesn't mean any harm or trying to be rude, people fear her for what she is. And the fact that she doesn't quite understand how to socialize with humans doesn't make it easier for her.

Due to her overwhelming powers it is impossible to hold her on the facility against her will. Not even the enormously thick walls, the way too expensive security system, the military or the special-trained guards with the ability to shut off other peoples powers is enough to make her stay if she wants to go out. Even though she doesn't really get people, humans, she doesn't like being stuck in a cell at a facility in the middle of nowhere where people treat her like a lethal lab rat. She likes going out, watching people in the “real world”, living their lives. It helps her to understand why she should help and defend them.
But don't get her wrong. She is not a sad and gloomy person, even though she can come off as painfully forthright and honest. “Positive” is not the right word to describe her either. But to know everything about everyone and everything, it takes away the ability to find things interesting. Some would say that she's annoyingly indifferent, a typical know-it-all, but she's a kind person with a big heart, I swear.

Kate has got one person that she can call friend, and that is Terry that lives on the outside of the facility. Terry's life is as normal as it can be. She's in school, studying to become a teacher, while she's working as a model to have money enough to pay the rent, and at the same time she struggles with her twin-sister that's a drug-addict, and her powers that's getting too strong for her. (she's got the ability to bend water, which means that she can also bend blood.) Their lives are as different as they can be, at the same time as they can understand each other in a strange way. Sadly they can only meet when Kate decides to leave the facility for a while, and that is not often. The government couldn't disagree more to her little “trips” outside the safety of the facility, so every time she decides to go outside they are on her like flies around a horse.
Her life isn't easy, and she is not sure whether she's found the meaning of it yet or not...

Kate is one of my oldest characters. I've changed her during the years, but in one way she's the exact same person as she was when I created her. I do not let her meet others characters anymore, since she's quite a difficult person to be around she would probably be a pain in the rear for the person I'm roleplaying with. So it's for the best for everyone.

This is a picture I wanted to do just because it's been such a long time since I last drew her. I love the fact that her eyes isn't the same colour, that her only colours is black and white aaaand of course that I can create really funny situations if I put her in the same room as my other OC's. And to be honest I just wanted to draw a picture that I could work with just because. So I haven't put my soul into this one, I just wanted to have fun.

Didn't count the hours.

Art and Character belongs to Me

STOP!!! Ladies and gentlemen, you are Not allowed to touch this artwork.
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