tabe ref Picture

NAME: Tabé
TITLE: Mage of Breath
HANDLE: petulantInnovator
FETCH MODUS: Design notebook
STRIFE SPECIBUS: Nerf-riflekind

Your name is TABE you do not have a last name and you felt it unnecessary to give yourself one. you have just turned 13 years old and have proven MATURE enough to live without the assistants of your UNRELATED GUARDIAN. You have an introvert PERSONALITY which is always causing you so many problems outside of your BEDROOM, you tend to stay away from people for OTHER REASONS UNKNOWN. You have two main interests: INDUSTRIAL DESIGN and FORENSIC SCIENCE. You enjoy the process of DRAFTING, DESIGNING, and CREATING technology that comes from your own imagination. But atlas not one of your inventions has yet worked, countless of your FAILED INVENTIONS have littered your bedroom floor. your BEST FRIEND has a knack for inventions as well, but he has become so much MORE SUCCESSFUL than you will ever become, It makes you so FRUSTRATED ad ANGRY. Your other interest FORENSIC SCIENCE intrigues you so much before of the idea of bringing LEGAL JUSTICE through SCIENCE, It is your life long DREAM to become a FORENSIC SCIENTIST. Your favorite show EVER OF ALL TIME is BONES!!!! You enjoy the topics of the show SO VERY MUCH, plus you feel like you CONNECT with the characters more than any of YOUR FRIENDS. You are convinced that ZACH ADDY is the only man for you, you two share the same PERSONALITIES and INTERESTS making him the PERF DREAM GUY.

You enjoy a good MYTHOLOGY TALE.
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