Sketch Cluster 7 Picture

Three more. Nowadays, I upload new sketches on Twitter first, usually accompanied by rhymes. Like so: [link] But on deviantART I upload them in groups. So...

The Leprecanth: With my mountainous remix of Banjo-Kazooie's 'Rusty Bucket Bay' ([link]), I thought drawing a leprechaun creature. Having the 'mountain' theme in mind. I wondered and pondered what creature that would be. I think I had a mammal in mind first, but somehow a fish head became more appealing. Don't know if that was actually because my remix was of a water level. Somehow the two combined, as in my remix. There's gold, fishy coins in his kettle.

Tiki Necrologist: I've also composed music for my 'Tiki Jungle', by the way ([link]). Now, I asked on Twitter what I should draw next. With only a handful of followers, only my brother responded, saying he wanted something very scary. I'm not too skilled with 'scary', currently... My Tikis first came to mind. The Tikis use wood, stone, feathers, and all sorts of other materials to create Tiki creatures or modify themselves. They also use flesh. I'd draw my first human Tiki. I quickly thought of the word 'necrologist', which sounds terrific AND actually existed. Wanted to do a full sketch, but portraits are closer to my current skill level.

Atlas and Elly: Two of my characters, also in a jungle environment. Atlas is a wolf explorer, adventuring in the wild with his trusty pet and friend Elly. As you may have guessed from his name, when Elly's feet get tired, he has to carry her on his shoulders. Like the Atlas of mythology carried Earth. Elly is supposed to be slightly larger, I'll fix that in the future.
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