Weight of the world Picture

This is a portrait of the main characters of the Wedding Day...just another something I'm whipping up. The Title of the picture has to do with the main character. He uses the monciker Atlas. Which if you've been listening in your mythology classes, Atlas was the titan sentenced to hold the heavens and earth on his back. Atlas can also mean someone carrying a heavy load of responsibility, which Atlas has, since he's out to save an entire city.

Atlas has his hand on his daughter, Sylvia's head. He's standing next to the enigmatic woman whom he reluctantly partners up with, her name is simply, the Waitress. She's a syvlan (elf-like race), see the pointy ear?. The little guy on the right is a chillet (hobbit-like race), not in fact, a post-pubescent 9 year old with a chain-smoking habit. He's a chillet!
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