Another Birthday Picture

Something I drew for a friends bday present. It's supposed be a likeness of her as a wizard. Tried to add a few extra things she likes with the time I had to spice it up. Made the tie resemble the ones in Harry Potter. The belt buckle is the coin from Pirates of the Caribbean. The ribbon from the wand is twirling in the same shape as the ribbon from the Twilight book Eclipse. And finally she likes the movie 23, so I added 23 marks. Also happened to be how old she was turning. And this wasn't intentional, but she pointed out that the picture looks like a key hole shape. Which reminded her of Kingdom Hearts, one of her favorite games. Something I didn't know.

Drawn on 11x17 comic board. penciled and inked. Added the grays with a copic marker that's going bad. I don't think it has anything left in it actually.

I wish I could have added more stuff but I had to finish it up before I went to work, then the party. Maybe it's better this way.

I don't have a picture of the one I drew for her boyfriend because it's already framed and hanging on his wall. But it was a picture of Atlas from mythology. Had him holding up the Earth and lots of stuff happening around the globe. And in the background it had lots of random things going on in outer space. Just some random stuff similar to what you'd find in something like a Where's Waldo book. And one of the best parts? I drew Atlas wearing some Chuck Taylors. lol
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