Avian Taylor, Son of Atlas Picture

When I first read Rick Riordan's "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" book series, I got really into it because of my already being interested in Greek mythology.

So, naturally, I thought of my own fan fiction idea and posted it on fanfiction.net named "Avian Taylor and the Sons of the Titans".

As his title may suggest, Avian is a son of Atlas; concieved when his mother found herself in a desperate situation. He was born with inhuman endurance and strength as well as a natural ability to quickly understand signs of battle. Of course this also leads to major dissadvantages such as lack of intellegence and almost no experience in weapon combat.

Being a semi-titan, Avian is in some ways more powerful than a demi-god but at the cost of mental instabilities such as hallucinations and body-paralyzing flashbacks.

Picture was colored w/ colored pencil and I know the picture is not even close to being a quarter as amazing as most art on this site. I'm just expressing my ideas
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