Tales of the Lonely Planet Picture

As part of an assessment for my second semester at university, we were required to create a Corporate Identity Logo. For this assessment I simply decided to recreate the logo I'd been pondering for my short story Tales of the Lonely Planet.

Inspired by the Greek mythological primordial titan Atlas, the logo for Tales of the Lonely Planet, positions an Atlas like figure atop a spherical object , which can be either interpreted as the celestial orb of traditional Greek mythology or of the Planet Earth. The image is then encircled by an orbital arc, which forms both a border for the whole logo and supports the definition of the image. The arc is then diagonally fractured by two axis/pivotal points, which divides the image in half, with the lower left pivotal point penetrating the sphere. The figure is thereby slumped, gazing along the upper right pivotal point, which leads beyond the arc and out into space.

Tales of the Lonely Planet (C) of me.
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