Sailor Merope Picture

keep in mind her backstory is my twist on the legendmyth of merope who in mythology is one of the 7 seven Pleiades

abyways her backstory:

(past life version): Sailor Merope was the daughter of of Atlas and Pleione and she and her 6 sisters were revered as goddesses. she was the youngest of the 7 and often explored her world. one day she met with the king of corrinth and fell in love, the two realized it was taboo for a goddess to marry a mortal but the 2 continuously met anyways, the 2 eventually secretly married but kept it secret. eventually orian fell in love with merope and attempted to court her, however every time he was shot down. eventually he discovered her constantly leaving the castle she lived in and he attempted to follow her. he discovered her secret and gave her a alternative , either she marry him or he would reveal her secret to the world, they both knew if the secret got out she would be banished, she chose banishment, and in his wrath for her not marrying him orian killed the king and took merope back to her home where she was banished. it was later learned that right after her banishment merope killed herself.
shortly after her kingdom fell to a war between the gods and the mortals

present life:
meropa was reborn as miri Princaru (random name : D )
the king was reborn as james koncru (another random name : D) and orian (who apparently never died) detected her and the other 6 pleiades having been reborn. he managed to find a way to taint the other 6's star seeds and awakened them as dark senshi and used them as his servants, however meropes existence continuously eluded him as somehow she has a protection shield thing which kept him from locating her. she continued to elude him until she and james were attacked by demons and saved by taurus the bull who awakened her as sailor merope . the first time she transformed it was as if the shield dissipated, and orian was able to locate her. she aided by taurus and james (who has a whole tuxedo mask thing going, except he has armor like the endymion version of tuxedo mask instead of the cheesy tux) are now on a mission to save the other Pleiades and destroy orian.
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