Terra: Rebekka's Minion Picture

I originally tried to draw the globe but that led to a kind of obviously fake looking image. In Madoka Magica they''re not afraid to use actual photos in their designs so I decided to go with a real photo of earth. The idea for this minion came about when I needed to come up with a link between Rebekka and a Titian. So I associated her with Atlas the Titan that holds up the earth in Greek Mythology as punishment for his crimes. Thus this witch is corrupted into a despair from her flaws.

Text: The titan witch’s minion. Their duty is to weigh. These globes are incapable of moving on their own and are tossed by they witch at invaders. They are harmed by this toss but are barely aware of themselves. Careless Puella Magi can be caught by their gravity.
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