Sketches Autumn 2012 Picture

No, I have not stopped drawing, I just don't find most of my work suitable to be uploaded to dA. But here's a sketch dump of some of my in-between-serious-work sketches.

In detail:
    -Anatomy sketches (obviously)
    -The woman with the bottle - a pose study referenced from this picture
    -The pissed girl in a too big dress (me) - a sketch I made after raging about evening gowns only being cut to fit big-chested women.
    -Hobbit - sketch I made for tumblr on Hobbit Day
    -circular sketch - read an article about Norse mythology (the characters within the circle are Sleipnir (horse), Fenrir (wolf), Hel (goddess) and Jormungand (snake), all are Loki's children.)
    -Portraits - I drew these after reading David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas (I love the book, but I haven't seen the movie yet because it's still not in theatres yet over here :C ) (First row: Adam Ewing, Autua, Robert Frobisher; Second row: Rufus Sixsmith, Luisa Rey, Timothy Cavendish; Third row: Zachry, Meronym, Sonmi)
    -Heavily stylised lion: I was going to draw a ridiculous portrait of Rumbleroar, but then this kind of happened
    -Walking/standing robots - The Jon and The Spine of Steam Powered Giraffe
    -Guy sitting - a character of mine called Car
    -colored full body drawing - Jaws and Dolly from the James Bond movie Moonraker, I just HAD to draw them
    -Harpy - in harpy form and as woman in disguise at a masquerade ball

The black and white ones are just mechanical pencil on copy paper.
The colored ones are completely done in Photoshop.
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