XXI. The World Picture

When I thought of "The world" and decided it would be Chouji's card... the first thing that came to mind was Atlas, the Titan from Greek Mythology who was punished by having to hold up THE WORLD for eternity (technically he holds up the sky, but we always imagine him holding up a globe)... anyway... so that explains this card... And this concludes the Tarot collection (only doing the Major Arcana)...

ALL CHARACTERS © Masashi Kishimoto


0 The Fool : Naruto [link]
I. The Magician : Shikamaru [link]
II. The High Priestess : Temari [link]
III. The Empress : Tsunade [link]
IV. The Emperor : Minato [link]
V. The Hierophant : 3rd [link]
VI. The Lovers : Neji & Tenten [link]
VII. The Chariot : Kankuro [link]
VIII. Strength : Sakura [link]
IX. The Hermit : Jiraiya [link]
X. Wheel of Fortune : Tobi/Madara [link]
XI. Justice : Lee [link]
XII. The Hanged Man : Kakashi [link]
XIII. Death : Gaara [link]
XIV. Temperance : Shino [link]
XV. The Devil : Sasuke [link]
XVI. The Tower : Sai [link]
XVII. The Star : Hinata [link]
XVIII. The Moon : Kiba & Akamaru [link]
XIX. The Sun : Ino [link]
XX. Judgment : Itachi [link]
XXI. The World : Chouji [link]
CARD BACK : [link]
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