Trickster: Atlomat Picture

Another god from the mythology of my fantasy story in progress, Tricksters. Atlomat was the second oldest spirit, and it was by his hands that all matter in the universe was made. By doing this he ascended to Godhood and became the God of Substance. A kind and gentle soul, Atlomat is nonetheless an incredibly powerful deity, and his wrath is a terrible thing to behold. Luckily he is very keen to settle differences peacefully, as Atlomat despises violence.

I tried some new things making Atlomat. He's supposed to look like a big rock monster, but I kinda suck hard at coloring rocks. I can draw them well enough, but when it comes time to coloring they end up looking like wallnuts, turds, or gray scabs rather than rocks. So I tried to give him some weird patterns to make him look more rock-like. I think it worked out well enough.

His name is a mix of Atlas, the Greek God who held up the world, and Tiamat, the Babylonian dragon Goddess whose corpse was used to make the world. The "o" was thrown in there because it sounded cooler than "Atlamat," if only marginally so. And yes, the dorsal plates are an homage to Godzilla.
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