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This summary under constant construction as project grows. Current list is up to date.

Comissioned icons to be used with an interactive atlas and website devoted to rare, unknown, unexplained, mythical and mysterious creatures.

In order from right to left, row by row
Beast of Bosnia, Coelacanth, Colassal Squid, De Loy's Ape, The Mongolian Death Worm, The Dover Demon, Homo Florensis, The Beast of Gevaudan, The Jersey Devil, The Khmer Stegosaur*, The Loch Ness Monster, The Loveland Frogman, a Mngwa, a Moa, Mothman, Ogopogo, Bigfoot, The Phoenix, Project Quagga, The Ropen, a Skunka Warakin, a Thunderbird, The Thylacine, Yeren**, and Yeti**.

*Misidentifed and falsely presented depiction of a rhino in front of a tree. I put my own beliefs aside for the project.

**These are the same design, yes. That's what they asked for.

Beast of Bosnia - corpse found in Bosnia in 2001, as yet not officially identified.

Coelacanth - a case of rediscovery, the coelacanth was thought to have been extinct until a living specimen was caught off South Africa in 1938. Currently listed as critically endangered.

Colossal Squid - largest recent specimen captured in 2007.

De Loy's Ape -
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