Superman_ "Atlas"_pencils Picture

FINALLY! man..this honestly took FOREVER to get to look right. Ergo why i don't like drawing Superman, i just can never manage to draw him correctly, and double ergo why i'm forcing myself to draw him now. Its kinda based off the one specific scene in the new Superman Returns movie except for the fact that Lois is in the shot. I title it "Atlas" because of the classic character of GrecoRoman mythology, if you don't know who it is, grab a mythology book because i ain't no teacher.
Thus far the plan is to set this up for auction at the family reunion that i won't actually be attending this Saturday (they bore me to tears).

Don't know if i want to ink it, and if i don't ink it then it probably won't get colored. Comment or Crit if ya feel like it, Peace out n' all that jive talkin' stuff
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