5D's: Satisfaction Guaranteed Picture

Jack Atlas is such a ladies' man that he guarantees complete satisfaction to every girl out there, which is why I have three lovely ladies in this picture (HELLO SERIES CROSSOVER) who can't resist me because I'm hawt and smexy. Oh, and by the way, they all replaced Stephanie, Carly and Mikage because there were no cosplayers of such in Ozine Fest 2011.


Soooo... here it is! My Jack Atlas cosplay, albeit the Team Satisfaction version. 8D

Costume progress is at 90%. I lack some stuff, so I'll make it up for next time. *will not point out the items I lack because I'm so embarrassed about them*

Most parts of my costume were owned by me or was bought. Only the vest was commissioned (and done the night before by the tailor! XD). Duel disk was borrowed from a university friend. Wig was commissioned as well, since I can't do such styling to save my life. orz

The reason why the girls were clinging unto me because of a certain... individual whom they find totally creepy. So... yeah. I told them to stick around with me so I can get the verbal abuse instead of them, which I did, because I think said person really wanted to challenge me to a children's card game a fist-fight. XD;;;

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