PINSIR evolution

-GIGATLAS (Gigas-Atlas)
-Giant Beetle Pokemon
-Evolves from PINSIR with maximum toughness
-"A living Stronghold, this pokemon is able to take almost any attack and get impervious. His masive strengh is only equipable to his resistance, being one of the toughtess pokemon to battle. His main fighting strategy is taking all the attacks of his opponent until it gets tired, and then crushing it with his deadly triple pinser grip, strong enough to grind a small car into scrap."

So here it is the PINSIR evo

It is based in an Atlas Beetle, a trihorned specie of beetle, very big and powerful

yes, it has the same specie and evolutionary wat that my GINERCULES, but it is in purpose, because I plan, as many of you sugested, to make a linkin pre evolution of both HERACROSS and PINSIR

His names come from gigas and Atlas, if you didnt knew it, GIGAS means Giant in greek, and ATLAS is a Titan from greek mythology, famous for having to keep the sky over his back as a punishment.

This pokemon is planed to be both Strong and Resistant, thats why it is so thick and heavy looking, but despite his apparently slow and clumsy look, this pokemon is fast and very dangerous.

Next one, probably and now that I'm inspired, will be the little PINSIR/HERACROSS pre evolution

hope you like it
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