Atlas Picture

I wasn't sure where to put this since there isn't like a mythology section so he's just stuck in others, lol. Anyway this is Atlas, I love Atlas, he's hot. He's just so cool and I don't even know why. But for those of you who don't know, in Greek mythology Atlas holds up the world on his shoulders, pretty sweet huh? Lol. Anyway, I doodled this at school one day on the back of like math homework or something, whatever. Anyway a girl in my biology class thought he had hot abs, enough to where she actually asked about what happened to the picture like three weeks later, "What happened to the guy with the hot abs?" Lol. But I had no reference, so I think it's actually pretty good for not having anything to go on. And yes I know the earth isn't nearly big enough and that his shoulders make no sense, I'm sorry. Man I've got over 1,200 songs on my computer and I still have to look for like an hour for something good to listen to. Lol

hey Mr. Italian!!


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