Training for The King Picture

Here's a portrait that'll accompany a story of some top King training. King is his barn name but his full name is (I might add more flashy words to it) Astraeus meaning "the stars" in Greek mythology. The King was bought by auction and will be almost strictly a halter show stallion and a stud. With being a cross between an Arabian and a Tennessee Walker he's stunning and has got the strut.

Gage grabbed a halter from and quickly went to Kitty's side. The stallion was restless and he was throwing his head high into the air as if he was going to rear. Kitty seized the opportunity and quickly grabbed his face and held it close to her. She cooed him in an attempt to settle his nerves. Prua was in a few stalls down and repeatedly was kicking the door viciously because well what horse want's to be cooped in a stall? Prua is defiantly not the young mare to be. "Could you please go to her and walk her around the paddock?" Kitty told Gage more than asked. She tried to hold back her frustration. The horses were being very difficult today; well at least these two were. She wished she could just spank them with a croup like you would a child or put them in a corner. Something simple but she was a good horsewoman and knew that discipline wasn't the answer most of the time for horsey problems. Gage and walked out with the gleaming copper-like chestnut colored young mare. The King looked straight at her intently and Prua back. "I'll lead him out in a second Katie," she said to Gage. Kitty rarely called Katie what Gage called her "real" name. Kitty thought it was important to keep something from her past. King still looked straight at Prua with glazed eyes as if she was studded with diamonds. The King loved one thing for sure; mares. Every mare at the Corral even one as young as Prua he wanted to mark with his studlyness. He was the the root of all sex jokes and he made everyone laugh. Kitty lead the stallion out but he was obedient enough not to try and look back at Prua who was being lead behind him. Gage went the opposite way into the paddock to completely lunge Prua. She would be starting her training soon but today was King's turn to show what he was made of in the training arena. Kitty got him in the arena with no problem but once he could turn and look he frantically started prancing and snorting in frustration because he couldn't see Prua. Kitty shook her head since now she had to go catch him. This training was going to take a long time.

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