Ice Picture

Real Name: Hank Drake
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Birthday: May 3
Sexuality: Straight
Place of Birth: Overworld
Height: 6’2
Weight: 176 lbs

Personality: Ice is extremely playful loving guy, who lets his emotions and feelings guide him in life. Unlike her wife, Ice is very emotionally driven, if he feels you’re a threat or he doesn’t like you then he makes it very clear that he doesn’t trust you.

Likes: cold, snowboarding, fighting

Dislikes: Heat, coffee, people too full of themselves,

Fears: Lose control one day
Family: Father: Unnamed Frost Giant, Mother: Martha Drake, Children: Poet (daughter of Frost and Sonnet), Frost (Son of Frost and Sapphire Spider, but Sonnet has raised him like her own son)
Relationships: Married to Sonnet but isn’t completely faithful

All his life, Ice was surrounded by chaos. He was raised in Overworld by his Ice Giant Father, one of very few Element Agents to have his honor, or in his case hell. The first 15 years of his life, he lived like a savage, hunting for food and eating raw meat like a barbarian. His father really didn’t acknowledge that he even excised. His mother was a human woman who died in child birth, but because his father didn’t trust Daman he took the boy with him, but didn’t raise him.

Ice was saved around his 15th birthday when Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, found him stealing from his food reserves in Bilskirnir, his hall. Instead of killing the boy, he decided to cast him down to Earth, where Daman found him. This angered Ice’s father, but he let it be. He felt that if he wasn’t taking care of Ice to a point where he has to do something as stupid as steal from the god of thunder, than someone else should give it a try. Through intense sessions Daman was able to break Ice’s barbarian side and rehabilitate him.

During this process he met Sonnet, his soon to be wife. They were married 4 years later, against the wishes of her father. Although Ice doesn’t use it as an excuse, his time as a savage has caused him o sometimes lose control of himself in moments of high emotion, be it good or bad. This had led to him sometimes doing things he wouldn’t normally do, like cheat, to which his son Frost was born. It isn’t something that he regrets, from his son’s stand point, but he does regret hurting his wife. Later his daughter Poet was born.

Rank: Alpha Level Meta

Cryokinesis: Moch 3
Hank has the ability to psionically create and control ice. Since nothing is created out of thin air, Hank’s ability is to really freeze the moisture in the air and control it. This allows him to create objects such as slides, ladders, and projectiles. He has been shown to have the ability to, through a psychic connection with his ice, to animate ice forms. These figures do not have any shred of intelligence; they are merely extensions of his minds will. With control over temperature he is able to control chemical reactions involving heat exchange and can dampen the powers of people with fire based abilities.

Element Mimicry: Moch 4
Hank also has ability to turn his entire body into a flexible form of organic ice. He can reform any part of his body in his ice form, and can augment his shape and size. When in his ice form he is generally translucent, and his appearance ranges from human-like to jagged and geometric. He is also known to add additional ice mass to his shoulders and knuckles (often jagged and sharp) for a fight. In addition to altering his appearance and shape, Hank can also augment his size. A side effect of this alteration is superhuman strength to match his larger form. If damaged, he can reform damaged or missing body parts. While physically and mentally taxing, this ability can be used to reform his entire body if necessary. His ability to lower the temperature of things makes his ice form impossible to melt.

Flight: Moch 1
Along with his ability to create animate ice forms; he is able to create flexible wings that give him the gift of flight. This skill is not innate like others on his team meaning that he is not impervious to the friction or air pressure that occurs while in flight this limits how fast and how long he can fly for.

Gear: Moch 1
Hank wears, on his right hand, one of the Gloves of Zelus. The glove arguments his powers over ice, allowing him a wider range of his ability allowing him to freeze huge radius. The glove is mystical in nature, giving him limited immunity to magical spells, enchantments, and mystical artifacts.

His greatest weakness is that his powers draw from the moisture in the air, meaning that his powers don’t work well in low humidity areas, like deserts or around areas with extreme heat.
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