Zealous Picture

This is Hoplite Zelus, soldier of zeal, emulation and rivalry, AKA Noah, the half brother of Hoplite Boreas. Though Noah is the illegitimate child as the result of an affair, he strives for perfection and fits perfectly into any social expectations of him. Though he's very bright, Noah is a conformist and allows himself to be swayed by others. He's extremely jealous, ambitious, and suffers from manic depression.

Zelus was discovered and forcibly converted by Rage soon after he found his locket.

This is my costume design for him, and I'm still fairly pleased with it although Zelus mythologically had no imagery to work with. The wings and feathers are supposed to look like a mockingbird. When he was "good" his colors were primary red, blue and yellow and he had parrot feathers.

Hoplite Zelus belongs to ~enchantedtiki
He was created for Go Greek! Mythos
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