Elysee Picture

Elysee, goddess of domination, is the only daughter of Hades and Leuce, his first wife and the second wife of Hephaestus after he got divorced Aphrodite. It existed long before the birth of Persephone. It was sort complementary to Nike, goddess of victory.

In mythological times, she often protected the kings of the major Greek cities, thus avoiding their rebellion on the part of their subjects. This is also thanks to her that her father Hades never known revolt from his servants. All the gods and humans said that her beauty rivaled and even surpassed that of Aphrodite, almost all the gods wanted to have him as a bride but she did not give them a look, finding them too superficial. Until she met Hephaestus, he does not attracted at first, but seeing the sadness in her eyes, she decided to go talk to him. This was the start of the suspicious behavior of the beautiful goddess, having done so much ridiculed by his wife. But he quickly fell under his spell and it was the same for Elysee, which découvrie a generous god, quiet and sincere. Hephaestus decided to leave Aphrodite to be with Elysee. Aphrodite, who saw it as an affront, it was against divorce but lost because it was wrongly overlooked her husband. Following this, he moved with his new wife in the underworld with Hades's permission. When the holy wars between Hades and Athena have started, the god of the underworld asked Hephaestus to take her daughter away from the battlefield, to the great displeasure of the latter. But unbeknownst to her father and her husband, she intervened in influencing armed Athena. It was she who instilled evil in the hearts of different knights of Athena over the centuries (Deathmask cancer, Saga and Kanon Gemini ...) to destroy the Sanctuary from inside. On the Hades's death, she decided to help Persephone resurrect her father. After signing the peace deal, Hephaestus and she decided to return to live in the underworld.

Elysee is a gentle and generous goddess who do preocupe that the inner beauty of each and not from outside, hence his love for Hephaestus. But it is also a very stubborn and dangerous woman, who can not stand to do nothing when his family are in danger. She loves her parents and was annihilated at the death of his mother. Hades and supported each other in this event. Since the death of his mother, his greatest fear is losing her father, she therefore ready at all to protect him and make him happy, and so what if the others must pay the price. It was she who encouraged his father to remarry, and it is also she who pointed to Persephone way to be able to stay in the underworld. Following this event, the two goddesses have become very close and spent a lot of time together. It is also very close to Macaria, Mélinoé, Zagreus and Plutus, she consider her siblings although they are not the same mother.
It also has a deep and sincere love for Hephaestus, which often attracts the jealousy of the gods against the latter. But it also shows merciless to those who make fun of her husband.

PS: She has green eyes meadow, but when angry, they take a blood red color that fades only once his anger subsided.
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