Zagreus Picture

Zagreus, god of the Orphic mysteries, is the first son of Hades and Persephone and the younger brother of Macaria and Melinoe and the older brother of Plutus.

Legends made him the son of Zeus because of Hera, because his parents are conceived him when Zeus came into the underworld to see his brother and daughter. Hera, making not trust Zeus, the accused her husband of having sex with Persephone and making her pregnant, she threatened to kill the child at birth if there was only one point of resemblance with Zeus. But at its birth, Hera realized his mistake because the baby looked exactly like Hades, not Zeus. But having learned the truth some years later, Zagreus retains some fear with respect to the queen of the gods since childhood, much of it damns. Since her childhood, Hera had always felt feelings for Hades, despite her marriage to Zeus, and therefore sees Zagreus as a substitute god of the underworld, although it again later will end up falling in love with the young god really. In addition to the physical resemblance, Zagreus also inherited the charm and grace of his father, which earned him attract the attention that Zeus decided to make his heir (when he finally die one day, the Olympus throne return to Zagreus). As an adult, he spent time on Olympus with the other gods, Hera will be a way to get closer to him and try to be forgiven his former attitude. In As an explanation, he forgave the queen of the gods and even ends up becoming her lover, but they lived their love in the shadow the rare occasion where Zagreus was on Olympus or even on Earth. One day Zeus learned this connection but did not intervene, ruling that it was doing Hera was nothing compared to all that "he" had done to his wife. So he allowed them to stay together. Hera wanted so keep the young god with her, but Hades and Persephone do not agree and wanted despite all spend some time with their son in Makkah her siblings. They therefore agreed on the fact that Zagreus spend six months in the underworld with his family and six months on Olympus with Hera.
When the holy wars between Hades and Athena began, Zagreus wanted to fight alongside his father but this last refused and asked Zeus and Hera to watch over his son. After the death of Hades, Persephone came to ask when the resurrection of her husband, Zagreus, thanks to its influence on the two sovereigns of Olympus, succeeded in obtaining the resurrection of his father. After signiature the peace deal, the agreement in the mythological time Zagreus was revoked and now divides his time between Olympus and the underworld, as he desires.

Zagreus is a sweet young god with heart on hand. But it is also a god stubborn and hard to handle certain situations. It really love his parents and his brothers and sisters with whom he spent beucoup of time before the agreement with Hera has passed. However, it has aussune affection or hatred towards humans, it does not care. But shows merciless to them when disrespect to gods and notament to his family.
Initially, he was afraid of Hera, but as it attempted to make amends, Zagreus finally discover its true nature and fell in love. But he felt despite all guilty of Zeus. So it was a relief to him when the king of the gods accepted the relationship between his wife and his heir.
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