Bouny the Bunny Picture

Fisrt of all, this was NOT made by me, but by my friend, Ana, from school. and i HAVE permission to post this, i asked her "Hey Ana, can i post that picture of the bunny?" and she said "Yes" so i have bad she dosn't have an account, she said she'll make one when her interent is working again.

okay so during first period, Science, i asked her "Ana, are you good at drawing?" and she said "Yes. what do you want me to draw?" and i said "an animal." and she said "But i don't know how to draw animals!" but she drew one anyways.then she said "there Bouny the Bunny. the name is spelled differently" and i said "wow, your just as bad as my mom!" and she said "why?" and i said "Because she named the fish, Fish, and the cat P.W...yeah, i'm not saying what that stands for." and of course Ana yells "Tell me!" so i say "It's kinda offencive..." and she says "just tell me" and i say "Okay flip the word, Woodpecker." and she said "Peckerwood?" and i say "yeah" and she says "why is that offensive?" and i say "It means, a really white person, that is dumb." and she said "Oh, i never heard of that insult before." so then she finished the picture and i said "Your only good at drawing backgrounds, aren't you?" and she said "Yes"

so then Mr. Kane walked by us, and Ana said something about changing her planet, so she got a book about Uranus, and she was reading it out loud and she kept saying "Your-ah-nus" then she said "That's how you pronunce it." and i said "Okay still an odd name, no mater how you pronunce it" then i started practicing shading a picture of my new Pokesona, and she was showing me how to shade....and you can tell the difference between our coloring.
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